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Creepto Dracula

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Creepto Dracula is an Ethereum blockchain-based collection of 8 888 unique, randomly produced vampires. Each Vampire is created using a computer algorithm that takes into account over 120 different features and traits. Everyone can purchase a Creepto Dracula for 0.025 ETH in first 48 hours. Rarities will start to be revealed when 50% of Creepto Draculas have been sold.- Token release $CRDC -With each Creepto Dracula you own, you will have the possibility to mine 5 $CRDC/day.Token List (BSC) on Pancakeswap so you can trade the token. Creepto Dracula TV Series – Access to the TV Series will be purchased with $CRDC tokens. Creepto Dracula Merch will use $CRDC Token as Currency, you will have the possibility to purchase Statues, T-Shirts and Hats of Creepto Dracula with $CRDC.Mint the next generation of Creepto Dracula with $ETH but get a Discount with $CRDC Tokens. Creepto Draculas Wife will be randomly airdropped to one lucky $CRDC holder.

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