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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Worlds first collection of NFTs pegged to covid cases.COVHEADS, the NFT collectible that increases in value as worldwide covid cases decrease.We have created our own valuation algorithm for how much each Covhead token is worth on the Opensea sale (this is only a proposed price). The data for this comes from the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Centre for Systems Science and Engineering, each daily case of covid is allocated an ETH price for valuation.The NFTs are categorised in value based on their rarities: common, rare and super rare. We will be releasing 10,000 Nfts in June 2022 with 10% of Mint proceeds going to Humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Initial Mint on public sale will be 0.08ETH and then sold on Opensea with suggested valuation. No Whitelisting!The next phase for the Covhead franchise will be the creation of a 3D Covhead with a functional utility in the metaverse, this can be purchased at a later date, although minting of this token will be available for present 2D Covhead ownersHolding a Covhead NFT means you will be carrying a token that is hostoric, transparently priced and a first of its kind, long-term collectible.

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