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Cosmic Dynasty

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Our goal is to enable everyone that desires to play the game to be the creator of this metaverse. Starting with the planet Mars as our first creation within the Cosmic Dynasty game. Allowing owners of the land to build anything they can imagine, import 3d assets, or even buy 3d assets from creators within the Cosmic Dynasty marketplace.The game will be Free to Explore with the ability to play mini games for money. All games will be similar to an arcade setup where users can play AAA game modes such as Battle Royal, Team Death Match, Search & Destroy, Headquarters, Off Road Racing, and other popular game modes for as little as $0.25 cents in SOL. Each game will take place randomly over a select number of NFT tiles that can be anywhere on the map. This enables profit sharing for land owners that host games. Likewise players also earn rewards if they win the match, or split rewards if on a team. All rewards are in Solana (SOL).The development tools and blockchain we choose to build with are vital the success of Cosmic Dynasty. For something like Cosmic Dynasty to exist we need to use the game engine called Unreal Engine 5. With UE5 we are able to do some incredible things with their new features world partition, lumen, and nanite just to list a few. In addition to having a powerful game engine, we also need a powerful, cost effective, and blazing fast blockchain to use as our core foundation. Solana, is the only blockchain at this current moment we see that can do exactly what we need with an average tx cost of: $0.00025.

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