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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

CoolCrazyCatos is a private collection of 900 NFT tokens on the Polygon blockchain, on OpenSeaThese exotic and unique Catos were made by 17 year olds.They will be released for sale 04/04/2022The prices will go by levels, while the level goes up, so will the pricesLevel 1: 1-225 = 0.0007Level 2: 226-450 = 0.001Level 3: 451-675 = 0.004Level 4: 676-900 = 0.007For the purchase of 5 NFTs you will get 1 freeROADMAP01/23/2022: start creating NFT models01/29/2022: finish creating the 900 NFT models02/03/2022: create collection in OpenSea02/04/2022: Configuration of social networks02/09/2022: start of marketing and giveaways04/04/2022: NFTs go on saleSeason 2 ???

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