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Cool Astronauts

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Cool Astronauts are a collection of 3333 hand-drawn CoolAstronauts with unique traits.Your Cool Astronaut acts as your membership to the Cool Astronauts Community, and gives you exclusive access to members only Merch, Airdrops, Token staking among NFT holders, AstroMetaverse, upcoming Events, and much more.Supply: 3,333Mint Price :0.07 ETH plus gas fee for White List members(Pre-sale)0.12 ETH plus gas fee for everyone else(Public-sale)Mint Per wallet: 3Project Concept:-A community of digital and street artists that create their own digital community and release the first limited NFT collection.-Further along the Road Map – the release of at least 5 more unique collections with the possibility of mutation.-Creating its own AstroMetaversewith the integration of all NFTs from released collections for P2E (Play to Earn) game.Road Map:Phase 1:1st collectionLaunch of 3333 unique NFT SaleLaunch of Marketing Campaign for projectPhase 2:2nd collectionLaunch of 4444 unique NFT SaleRelease and sale of a limited number of tokensAirdrop of 444 prizes among 1 NFT holders: 1 NFT + 200 tokens per userToken staking among NFT holdersPhase 3:3rd collectionLaunch of 5555 unique NFT SaleAirdrop of 555 prizes among 2 NFT holders: 1 NFT + 250 tokens per userAlso, each holder of 3 NFTs will receive a free unique 3×1 mutation without NFT destruction and a 3D figurine as a gift (a physical figurine)An online store where you can buy 3D figurines and merch for tokens. It will be possible to order a 3D figurine of your NFTPhase 4:4th collectionLaunch of 6667 unique NFT SaleAirdrop of 667 prizes among 3 NFT holders: 1 NFT + 300 tokens per userBuying a large piece of land, for example, in Sandbox and integrating our NFT characters therePhase 5:5th collectionLaunch of 7777 unique NFT SaleAirdrop of 777 prizes among 4 NFT holders: 1 NFT + 350 tokens per userAstroMetaverse – creating its own metaverse for P2E (Play to Earn) gameThe team keeps 99 NFTs to give away in this and future collections. Among those who bought on the site, 33 NFTs will be drawn. Also, anyone who stakes NFTs from this collection will receive free NFTs from the Limited Astronaut Girl Collection, which will be released at a later date after the end of public sales.When sold out, we will buy 3 NFTs from some bluechip collection and raffle them among buyers.

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