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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Hello!ColorGrids is a unique collection of 10,000 items. Grid colors make it easier to understand the rarity of each item, making it faster to find and price an item.Every month I’ll upload 1k items, and in August ’22 collection will be fully uploaded.By the way, all items have one price, but every month it will x2 for new 1k items, so, to buy rarest item you shouldn’t pay a lot, just find rarest item as fast as you can!After few months, I’ll create website for this collection.Do you think it’s all? Nope.After buying an item, you can download Minecraft map, created by me specially for this collection! (Work in progress). Now, you can find screenshots of map in a Discord server.Also, then you will have opportunity to participate in the distribution of items and chat with me in our Discord server.Don’t forget about events item! For example, New Year Grid made specially for new year 2021-2022.First 1k items is listed!Hope I’ll find great and cute community, thanks for reading, good luck!you can always suggest me ideas for roadmap,i’ll try to do anything to make this collection awesome.

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