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Collage Mirage by Morysetta

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On April 12, Larisa Murariu aka Morysetta is releasing the ‘Collage Mirage’ NFT collection on Crypto. com. Morysetta is a self-taught versatile artist that draws inspiration from day- to-day thoughts and feelings. She always experimented with different mediums and in 2018 discovered digital collage and threw herself into this kind of art. Through digital collages often featuring surreal scenery, Morysetta tries to create a new reality. “I like exploring the human mind and social behavior as well as mine in relation to the world. My biggest satisfaction comes from being able to bring people’s ideas and concepts to life through my artwork” – says Larisa. Her upcoming drop is a series of 5 artworks, a series of her quarantine thoughts. Here is a short description of the drop: “Produced during the pandemic, the artwork comes from the artist’s personal feelings of dealing with loneliness, mortality, loss, and deception — and her place in the world amidst all that’s happening”. The artworks by Morysetta are visually pleasing and deep. Check out her drop on Crypto. com!

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