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Colby Brock x Heard Well: Genesis Art

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Renowned social media influencer and creative Colby Brock in collaboration with Heard Well music label release the first-ever NFT Collection. On July 13th, it drops on Crypto. com. Colby Brock is popular as a Viner and a YouTuber as one-half of Sam and Colby. He creates videos that are a mixture of dark and hilarious. They usually gain over 10 million views monthly. Heard Well is the first music label entirely powered by social tastemakers and their communities. Heard Well collaborates with influencers and creators to curate playlists of their favorite emerging artists. The upcoming drop by Colby Brock and Heard Well is inspired by Colby’s latest playlist “The Nights I’m Left Alone”. It was created by artist Jacob Hylton with creative direction from Colby Brock himself. The influencer hopes that his NFT will be as meaningful to collectors as it was for him to make. Add the drop to your calendars not to miss the first NFT Collection by Colby Brock on Crypto. com!

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