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Club Spirit

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Enter Club Spirit NFT! Anyone can relate to that little spark, deep inside of our minds. Its hard to define and easily misunderstood, yet it is the most precious thing we possess. We are talking about spirit!Club spirit is all about growth. Together with our members, we will use 70% of our profits to grow community resources. This will enable support of the deserving, fun (and real) giveaways, and the exploration of new, bigger projects in the future.The club is open to anyone, but the lucky owners of our 10.000 unique spirit NFT artworks will unlock special privileges like shareholder voting rights on project decisions or investments, and the chance to win 1-of-10 legendary spirits.We will open the private sale on the 27th of February, for the time keep an eye on our discord! The public sale will open right after the private sale. We will be minting on the Polygon network.Pre-sale: 25 MATIC with a max of 3 NFTs per wallet.Public-sale: 40 MATIC with a max of 10 NFTs per mint at a time.

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