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Chronicles of jungle

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Welcome To The JungleNot so long ago, a luscious jungle famous for its tales was struck by a pandemic. The virus was so deadly that it engulfed every animal in that jungle. Not once, not twice, but the virus kept attacking the animals in the wilderness. Every time this virus contaminates these animals it leads to a mutation of its own.The entire realm of animals was struck hard. The mutation took place in a way that a few of them gathered skills, in hindsight, there were evils in the herd too.And then the worst embarked upon them. It was found that even the hunters are not spared by the vicious virus. The virus aggravated the greed and grit of the hunters to tame these animals. No matter how it’s done but they want it real bad.An ultimate face-off between the two kicked off as each of them wanted to hold the crown to become immortal in this chronicles of the jungle.

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