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Chosen Ones

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Chosen Ones by Seek One is a collection of 7,777 generative artworks based on hand-painted pieces by legendary contemporary street artist, Seek One. His genesis NFT collection features a combination of abstract and graffiti style art, bringing Seek One’s creations to life on the Ethereum blockchain.The collection was developed by breaking down components of each painting Seek One created exclusively for Chosen Ones, as well as abstract pieces from his gallery portfolio. Every single brush stroke, spray paint, or splatter featured in the NFTs were directly from the hand of Seek One. No NFT in the collection will be the same, with each piece containing different traits like strokes, colors, patterns, animation, etc. However, the overall theme of fine contemporary graffiti art is present throughout the entire collection – so you can expect Chosen Ones to share a similar style and be uniquely recognizable.Part of bringing Seek One’s art to life on the blockchain includes an element of animation. By introducing movement, he was able to perfectly fuse together his physical art with the digital world. However, not every piece will be animated. In fact, these will be rare, so only a small percentage will be lucky enough to mint one.

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