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Chill Benji & His Journey

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Chill out and enjoy with Chill Benji NFTsWhat a chill life! This is the main slogan of the life of Benjamin Franklin. But not the famous one who looks at us from a 100-dollar banknote. But another one, also famous aka Chill Benji, is known for his travels, love for GSD, and collection of 3D images pegged to NFTs.In the right place, at the right timeTwo years of the pandemic exhausted everyone. But now the pandemic is passing, and like the timid rays of the sun through the clouds, the joys of meetings and travels are returning. Chill Benji has always loved to travel and share experiences with everyone, making friends all over the world. Now he has decided to do it with NFTs and create a global community. This is an ambitious task that only an ambitious person can do. Chill Benji is a person! Thanks to his scientific mind, Chill Benji basically created a lot of things, as he says, like working from home, bifocals, essential oils, and the expression ‘Let’s go see the Opera and Chill’. After all this, he tried his hand as a travel influencer. But it turned out that he was too famous not to be recognized, so his articles were not as the vérité as he had liked. But he found that his travels had an important additional aspect due to the fact that he was always a bit of a fashionista. He always traveled with a variety of fresh outfits and accessories to keep his true Identity in disguise, while also allowing him to look fabulous. This led to creating a wardrobe of beautiful things. It remains only to launch 10 thousand NFTs, to which these outfits and accessories are pegged to. Now Chill Benji will have even more friends, and each of them will receive a piece of Chill Benji from a set of 10,000 unique 3D artworks.But that’s not the whole story.Chill out with GSDTraveling all over the world, Chill Benji ended up in Europe, and more precisely, in Germany. And here he saw someone who led an even more idle and carefree life than himself. It was a German Shepherd puppy dog, who seemed to be a stray, with no one around to claim or care for him. The dog was loafing around with a few other strays, and it was pretty full of joy i.e. chill. Thats why Chill Benji fell in love with the little moocher pup and decided to adopt him, and called him ‘GSD’, short for ‘German Shepherd Dog. The two have now become inseparable while returning to the US and after they returned. This is the way Benji starts his own family. There’s a lot to come on their journey together, while the puppy grows older. And new rare NFTs can be added to the already known 10k 3D artworks. But already now, holders of uniquely rare Chill Benjis NFTs are getting whitelist opportunities into upcoming collections, plus pre-sole pricing on future collections.These are just two benefits, but there are many more. Chill Benji is good at making friends, so he is generous while building a strong and trust-driven community. Some more options for holders are:- Random airdrops for Chill Benji holders. Tokens will be dropped just from the sky!- Discounted rates on merchandise. Up to 15% discount on all Chill Benji merchandise!- Holders have a say in the future Chill Benji projects – if they have anything to say.- Special requests or custom Chill Benji projects. This is very special, but why not try?ConclusionsSo what do we know about the exclusive collection of Chill Benji’s NFTs?First, Chill Benji is a scientific fashionista well known for his invention, like the lightning rod, which was decidedly not very chill. And after being fried on the whole invention thing (in more ways than one), he decided to try his hand as a travel influencer. And it was a great idea, because traveling around the world, Chill Benji tried to look fashionable and fit the people of every country he visited. Thus, a huge wardrobe and a set of accessories were formed, which are now pegged to a collection of 10,000 NFTs and 6 rarity traits that make each NFT unique. They will be available at the OpenSea marketplace very soon.Second, Chill Benji starts his own family and has adopted a German Shepherd puppy dog ‘u200b’u200bcalled GSD – i.e. ‘German Shepherd Dog. Chill Benji hints that a new NFT collection may be coming while the puppy is growing older.And last but not least: Chill Benji is very interested in building a strong and trust-driven community. Thats why the holders can get a lot of gifts and benefits like airdrops, discounts on merchandise, participation in new projects, and even something special from Chill Benji, like a custom project. As he says himself – What a chill life!

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