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Chico, the star of DigiDog

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Our newly launched NFT collection is Chico the star of ‘DigiDog and the blockchains newest Pomeranian resident. DigiDog is part of a limited NFT collection immortalizing local legendary pup Chico the Pomeranian on the blockchain. Were here to build a blockchain-based community of dog lovers whilst celebrating our favorite canine companion local canine celebrity, Chico the Pomeranian. IRL Chico is a beloved family pet who is enjoying his old age in San Pedro de Alcantara in Southern Spain. Here on the blockchain, Chico is captured as a series of whimsical and kick-ass characters each with its own rare traits and unique twist. Chicos tiny appearance fools many into believing he is a puppy; however, this old dog has led a full and colorful life so far. Adventure after adventure, witnessed by his owners, has inspired the NFT collection depicting the legend himself. Celebrating his long life, his owners want to immortalize him and all his antics before he passes on to the great kennel in the sky. As part of our roadmap, we are offering $5,000 to whoever can guess Chico’s birthday, date, and year of his birth. The competition will close and the prize winner announced on Chicos actual birthday later this year!

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