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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Welcome to my first NFT collection called Chess.areMy name is César Alvarado a.k.a César i Nada, a multidisciplinary artist.For the past 10 years I have been traveling the world developing Loop it all, which is an improvisational method, working with diverse populations of performing artists such as dancers, musicians, and filmmakers at distinguished universities and various training centers and cultural venues around the world.https://www.instagram.com/loopitall/This has allowed me to create two of my main collections and now with great joy I want to present you through NFTs.To put you in context, among my passions are the love for chess and traveling during these years I have been collecting chess through photographs around the different countries and scenarios of the planet that I have visited. (some images on fbs profile)Now I have taken these photographs and minted them to turn them into NFTs that you can acquire as unique pieces, since of each photograph there will only be one certified and genuine NFT as part of the project.At this time the collection consists of about 200 photographs, however the project is still alive and the collection is growing, so by keeping me traveling the pieces will remain in constant evolution.If on any occasion they offer you an NFT assuring that it belongs to this collection, I invite you to consult the project’s Instagram where the real catalog exists. That is the authentic way in which it can be certified whether I took the photo or not.On the project’s Instagram you can also check which pieces are sold and the possibility of mentioning the owner if the person wants it to be so, but mainly verify if the NFT you want to acquire is part of the collection or not.I leave you the links that I have opened to support the entire project and in which I will be interacting with the community of art lovers, collectors and of course chess, but you can also check in all the social networks of my previous projects.Visit the roadmap at our websiteI do not want to leave without first mentioning that in all my artistic projects I always allocate 10% to 30% of what I collect to continue scholarships for students in my classes. My interest in promoting education and mainly in the study of body movement comes from the fact that I am convinced and I am a witness that art really transforms lives, so this time will not be the exception, so feel sure that when you acquire one of my NFTs you will also be contributing to the training of someone around the world when I have to share in a classroom.If you already have a Beeple, a Crypto punk, Crypto kitties or Bored Ape in your collection, you can add a Chess.are to make it even more complete.I say goodbye inviting you to be aware of the development of this collection and that soon, very soon I will be uploading my second collection, which is a totally different subject but that still fascinates me, get ready to collect everything!

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