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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Cardano

Project Overview

Cheeky Crypto have announced their NFT Project “CheekyVerse, the membership NFT pass will be built on the Cardano blockchain with a limited supply of 10,000 VIP NFT passes.The membership NFT pass grants you exclusive access to their VIP club within the Metaverse, where they plan to hold events including networking with prominent people within the blockchain sector and live music events.The membership pass not only provides you with priority access to future NFT sets but unlocks a unique elements of this project, granting you priority access to Proof of Styles limited, luxury sustainable and physical clothing range that is authenticated on the blockchain. Each piece of clothing is accompanied by its own Metaverse NFT for your avatar.We believe this is the first project on Cardano that will give you the chance to own an NFT with a physical item of clothing that is authenticated on the blockchain, this means you can wear the clothing on your avatar in the Metaverse as well as in the real world..

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