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Cheeky NineTails

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Cheeky NineTails are launching soon!Cheeky NineTails started with the vision of helping small creators who don’t have the investment of buying the necessary equipment for their content, and we want to help. Besides this part of the revenue will go to a foundation to help the homeless, not everyone is lucky so we want to help!This is only the beginning, the future projects will have more complex work so stay tuned!The lucky winner of the first giveaway will receive a free NFT and it will automatically be added in the 2nd giveaway who is only for the Cheeky Ninetails holders and will receive 10% of the income we have made until a specific date.Rules:1. Join our discord2. Follow us on twitter and Instagram3. Send a message on discord in the #general-chat channel with Done and from where you found out about the giveaway!

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