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Chad Doge Meme Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Chad Doge Meme Club is the genesis collection of 3,333 Doges working to decentralize the memes of production!We leveragenovel and anti-fragiletokenomics to produce the greatest meme fund of all time. Each doge gives you a ticket to participate in and vote as a member of our fund. 100% of all secondary trading revenues are invested into meme coins researched and selected monthly via a voting process by members of the fund.At the end of our mint, all NFTs will be entered into a lottery. One lucky winner will receive 5% of all future secondary royalties, for life.Genesis holders can expect to receive perks relating to any future collection we produce, including but not limited to whitelisting, airdrops, and trait swaps. You will also have the option to breed your doge with NFTs that are both within the collection and outside the collection. If breeding isn’t your thing and you pulled a rare doge, you’ll have the opportunity to loan it to the market at a hefty premium!Trading fees from our protocol-owned liquidity pools will go towards sweeping the floor once a month at random, further boosting yield to all holders via secondary royalties.

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