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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Celebpay is a kind of currency for Celebs! Trade, exchange or sell them. A kind of Paypal as NFT! There are over hundreds of thousands of NFTs, some are total crap and some have become high quality with a lot of work. At Celebpay, every single bill is designed manually, without any tools/programming like Nodejs Javascript etc. . We put a lot of work into our bills. We want to make Celebpay as real as possible. Due to the high resolution of 2000px x 2000px and the realism, we will be able to compete well in the market. A business plan for printing the celebs has been created. We really want to hold our Celebs in our hands. Not only virtual!On October 1, 2021 we will publish our Celebpays on opensea. io. On October 2 we will start a giveway on Twitter, there we will raffle 20 different celebpay bills. So follow us on Twitter and wait until the fun starts 🙂 On October 1st you can buy 1 Celebs bill for 0. 1 ETH for 6 hours. 10 Celebs bill for 0. 9 ETH. 20 Celebs bill for 1. 8 ETH. 50 Celebs bill for 4. 5 ETH. 100 Celebs bill for 9 ETH. After the 6 hours, the Celebs bill are offered for bidding. The starting bid for 1 Celebs bill will start at 0. 5 ETH. 10 Celebs bill for for 8 ETH. 20 Celebs bill for 18 ETH. 50 Celebs bill for 39 ETH. 100 Celebs bill for 90 ETH.

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