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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Cats Living in Polygon’u2063Welcome to collection. #1/3’u2063 Unique Edition, Cat’lovers Collection 1/1’u2063Phase. #1’u2063- ‘u2063Collection common from #00 to #20 FP 0.001 Eth.Phase. #2’u2063- Collection rarity from #21 to #30 FP 0.002 Eth. ‘u2063Phase. #3- Collection legendary from #31 to #40 FP 0.003 Eth.Phase. #4-‘u2063 Collection epics from #41 to #60 FP 0.006 Eth. ‘u2063Attention: 5% of the proceeds will go to a foundation for the care of street animals, exactly for food and medicine.’u2063 (Country: Colombia)This is not a Crypto Punk or Bored Ape, but Cat’lovers will blast your NFT collection.- Social Media: New to social media.- Instagram: @chars_cryptoart (+2k Followers).- Twitter: @chars_cryptoart (599 Followers).- New to discord.Promotion of phase #4.The month of February and March.- Phase: #4- Collection epics from #41 to #60- Floor Price 0.006 Eth. Before / After- Floor Price 0.002 Eth.Valid until Thursday / March 31, 2022- We resume promotions in April.In this way, we complete all the sales of the NFTS created and likewise, be able to bring to light the next collection of humanoid cats.Attention:5% of the proceeds from the sales of the NFTs will go to a local foundation for the care of street animals, exclusively for food and medicine.

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