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Cat adventures

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Hello! This collection will start with 120 unique NFTs, we are still working on their design, each NFT in this collection will be done completely manually.All social networks:https://linktr.ee/CatadventureThe price of each NFT will vary depending on its rarity, so that our investors benefit.-prices- #1 to #20=0.005 ETHE.#21 to #50=0.008 ETHE.#51 to #70=0.01 ETHE.#71 to #90=0.04 ETHE.#91 to #100=0.06 ETHE.The remaining #20 NFT will be used to carry out raffles, contests, among other projects. //Roadmap//* Let’s make a big and strong community.*we will make each person have a cat adventures nft in their wallet.*we will make collaborations with other collections to increase the community, and vary the NFT even more*we will find influencers who liked our collection for further expansion.*the 120 nft I know that sounds little, but we want to grow together with our community, be in sync with it, understand it, understand it, satisfy it.*we will make a second part of cat adventures with more NFT. In this second part we will give #NFT to our Holders and in our next project (because cat adventures will not be the only collection we will make) we will also give #1 nft to our Holders, that is, it would be two free NFTs.10% of the proceeds will be used to feed and care for street cats who suffer today.The rest of the money raised will go to future projects, such as other collections, collaborations, a second part of this collection, among other great projects to come. release date: It is not defined yet, I am working manually and uniquely each NFT. by: @rip_valentin66

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