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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Cannaverse is the first ecosystem that brings together the value of digital assets with the thrill of experiencing cannabis. Motivated by bringing all people and business in the cannabis industry together into one verse.The Cannaverse provides access for our partner brands and collaborators as well as NFT holders to a digital space where they can enjoy a wholly curated getaway experience full of landscapes, concerts, events and most importantly the CannaClub 3.0.Brands affiliated with the Cannaverse will be provided digital spaces to own and build a fully customized section in the CannaClub to showcase their brand, drop customized merchandise, gain exposure and curate their own events.Collaborators will benefit from leveraging the digital space provided to achieve their business goals and link up with other projects inside the Cannaverse. Members and NFT holders of collaborating projects will be granted access to the Cannaverse and enjoy all events and experiences provided without the need to own/purchase the Cannaverse NFT by paying a small fee in HEMP to be used in sustaining the Cannaverse offerings.Owners/holders of the Cannaverse NFT will be airdropped an access card NFT which will provide free entry to the CannaClub when it is launched. Inside the CannaClub, businesses, coffeeshops and startups in the cannabis industry will own a shop/space to showcase and trade their digital collectibles and merchandise. Cannaverse NFT holders will be invited exclusively invited to special events and celebrity meetings in the first of its kind Virtual Club ever built. They will also be airdropped HEMP every month (or staking.As we all know, stoners are creative thinkers. There will be DAO meetings every week linking NFT holders to mentors and investors to pitch their ideas build and grow new businesses.

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