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CandyLove by Cristel Isabel Marcon

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

(First) collection LADY NFT: Cristel Isabel Marcon from Riccanza to Crypto ArtFrom Art & Boss Lady to Lady NFT. The italian creative (manager, artist, designer, marketer, VIP protagonist of Riccanzaon MTV) launch her first NFT (non fungible tokens) works of art collection in limited edition, a natural creative evolution ofher artistic personality on the track of a brilliant and charismatic woman, a new project dedicated to innovation like creator of crypto-art, the futuristic status symbol of the moment.Digital art is in my DNA, I studied Architecture & Design at Art high school, then I graduated in Venice in New Technologies for the Arts – Graphic Design and Visual Communication and subsequently I went selected like a talent for the Master Samsung @ IED Milan in Digital Fabrication in partnership with Leo Burnett, aimed at creating a new figure of digital artisan.Launch date for public sales is expected for 22-02-2022, a palindrom memorable calendar date. The masterpieces collectiblesthey will be sold initially through Ethereum blockchain on Opensea, the most important worldwide of web3, they will therefore be purchasable in cryptocurrencies and will be able to generate unlimited earnings thanks also to the subsequent sales of the future owners. A highly successful trend with more and more hype in 2022, a predictable sold out with a potentially millionaire value.100% Made in Italy, epic and pop, universal, genderless, democratic, inclusive.A simple minimal icon, universally recognizable, essential, with a strong identity that delete every barrier of gender, etnicity, social class, a hymn to equal opportunities. An indestructible core for a colorful surprise that represents the essence of each of us, the mission is in fact an invitation to celebrate life. A candy that releases positivity, joy, cheerfulness and lightness, which recalls our inner selves of childhood and evokes the pleasures of life.The result of a reflection on the dark, sad and complex times we are experiencing but which have allowed us to understand what is really important and what has a real value, it interprets the colors, the happiness and the light-heartedness that will last forever, crystallized in the works and guaranteed by the certificate of authenticity.A collection of token collectibles that will make your eyes shine, with a flavour for every personality!To hold in the crypto-wallet, taste and enjoying, or share with the most visionary friends for networking. A basic icon with infinite combinations of backgrounds, fillings and accessories dedicated to a heterogeneous target, ready to collaborate in partnership with brands, artists, sponsors and charity associations.The air smells of sugar, the amusement park opens its doors to new experiences in the metaverse. The first drop include also space candies with astronauts, planets and galaxies with support of Twin Advisors & Partners Ltd. Welcome to Candyland! A club as exclusive as its benefits. The roadmap is a real race for the new digital gold, which could bypass the key figures of gallery owners and museum directors around the world.The Italian press and TV had already noticed his sparkling identity in the past. Cristel has always stood out during her career and has already appeared in the past on TV and in many digital and paper magazines such as Vogue, Gq Japan, La Stampa, Il Gazzettino, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Sky, Canale 5, Rete 4, La 7, and many others.Leaving aside characters like Justin Bieber, Lionel Messi, Snoop Dog, Steve Aoki, Shawn Mendes, women in the NFT world are still very rare but overseas celebrities such as Melania Trump, Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Cara Delevigne, Emily Ratajkowski, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna already have took the big step by investing a lot of money in this field. It’s time to do all-in!Will Cristel be the most famous Italian and European woman pioneer, influencer, NFT Star ambassador?Would you accept candy from an un-known? Ready to unwrap and show off your CandyLove NFT?Opensea:https://opensea.io/cristelisabelmarconInstagram:https://instagram.com/cristelisabelmarcon – https://instagram.com/cristelisabelmarcon.artTwitter:https://twitter.com/cristelisabelmLinkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/cristelisabelmarcon/Facebook:https://facebook.com/cristelisabelmarcon – https://www.facebook.com/cristelisabelmarconofficialemail protected • https://cristelisabelmarcon.com • Milan / Vicenza – ITALY#cristelisabelmarcon #nft #opensea #ethereum #hype #copyright #crypto #art #cryptoart #blockchain #artist #creator #mint #nonfungibletoken #workofart #masterpiece #ether #coin #NFTmarket #nftart #nftcollector #nfts #nftartgallery #cryptoworld #nftartists #metaverso #metaverse #smartcontract #utilitytoken #tokenization #wallet #metamask #cryptovaluta #minting #minted #auction #digitalicon #web3 #contemporary #digitalart #digitalwallet #token #digitalartist #nftart #nftcommunity #riccanza #mtv

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