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Bulls and Bears

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

February 2022: 22 genesis Bulls and Bears appeared with the function of forming the genesis army of this annual collection of 22,222 NFTs.Bulls and Bears are NFTs to collect, trade, and play.Each Bull and Bear, at the time of their birth, received the flag of a crypto project and they will fight to fulfill their destinies, each Bull and Bear is randomly generated and its annual amount will be 22,222.Bull and Bear will also have a multiplayer game arena, where owners may decide to participle in Betting Battles, to increase their collections.Nevertheless, Bulls and Bears who decide to participate in the Battles, will run the risk of disappearing when they lose the battle when wins can choose to add the opponent to his collection or can choose to eliminate his opponent forever, both decisions imply great responsibility, becoming a whale bears the responsibility of being the cause of large market movements, while the destruction of its opponent implies an imbalance of the universal forces.

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