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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The BullishTrend is an NFT project which introduces the stock market to the NFT community. This is going to happen with the help of our roadmap, in which we will invest big sums of money into a stock or cryptocurrency of the communities choice. Our discord community will decide where to invest, and all the wins will be given-out back to the community. If any losses, they will be on us. Our roadmap includes many other exciting points such as giveaways of unique items signed by celebrities. However, the biggest surprise is what happens when 100% of the NFT’s are sold out, Ecore will be launched. Ecore is a program that helps people find the right place to invest in with regular updates and information. All holders will have free access to this app, while others will have to pay monthly. Our project will be on the Ethereum blockchain and the NFT’s will be displayed on OpenSea, the collection will consist of 10,000 randomized bulls, as well as a couple 1/1 bulls.

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