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Bufferfly Effect

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

The only constant in life is change.A long time ago, 10,000 gray Bufferflies lived on the Maternus Planetae in the Lepidoptera Galaxy. The resources of the Maternus were depleted over time, so in the hope of better living conditions, the Bufferflies set out to explore the other planets in their Galaxy. They were lucky: they also found ten planets where they could live on. However, a better life comes at a price: they had to adapt to the conditions of the planets, so this is why they now look like.None of Bufferfly forgot where they came from. For every 100 years, a conference is held at the Maternus Planetae to discuss past events, what triggered them, and what the consequences were.Every year, a guest from another galaxy is hosted to witness something historic. This year, this particular guest comes from the Milky Way…Will you be that?

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