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Bored Aliens

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Hello Humans,The aliens have just landed and it’s time to meet life from universe’s other corner. Unlike the typical depiction, they are quite nice, afterall, they helped the Egyptians build the Pyramids (really?).With the Arrival of the Aliens, they bring you the oppurtunity to be a part of them. But to approve your access to the world of extra-terrestrials, you have to own an ID, as an NFT. Good thing, they are organising 1,000 FREE MINTS for the Humans.Once you gain access to this new world, you can explore it (METAVERSE) + learn and do what the aliens do (Play to Earn game).The Aliens are a breed of extremely curious beings and they wanna roam the Earth too. Bored Aliens is gonna organise Global meet-up for the fam as a part of our ALIEN INVASION event. And yes, Since now you are an Alien, you will also be morphed into one. Be part of the first generation of the Human-Alien Hybrids, getting under the alien skin with our merch – exclusive for the owners.Seems like the signal is weak, I will sign off now. Meet you soon!

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