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Boomy Jellies

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A 10000 Collection of Boomy Jellies are almost alive in Polygon. Stored as ERC-721 tokens.Actually, BJs are tickets to enter to their 8bits metaverse made only for you.With this NFT you’ll have exclusive access – available by November 10th, 2022.About BJ game:- ONLY FOR HOLDERS.- It’s an strategic 8bits game where you’re gonna resolve lot of puzzles to scape from an island.- You will be able to improve your characters and own them.And this is not the only stuff you can do. Visit https://boomyjellies.com/ for more information.Also I will be updating in BJ’s twitter and discord and in my social media. Links below.Made by me- instagram: @sweet.reptilian- tiktok: @nfthorusJoin to the Community for GIVEAWAYS- twiter: @boomyjellies- discord: https://discord.gg/Nbs99DrctxFIRST 1000 AT 0.02ETH89+ BJ FOR GIVEAWAYROADMAP01/28/2022 Start BoomyJelly’s explotion03/10/2022 GIVEAWAY ENDS (visit TWITTER – @boomyjellies and DISCORD – discord.gg/Nbs99Drctx)03/18/2022 They’re living in POLYGON (mint)04/30/2022 BJ SOLD OUT – Donate 10% to charities (share YOUR ideas through TWITTER – @boomyjellies)04/31/2022 We will be talking more about BoomyJelly’s game.11/10/2022 Drop game01/01/2023 ?? BJ Part 2They are not some Monkeys, Cats, Bored Apes either Crypto Punks, but we’ll have a lot of fun.

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