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Blockchain Totems by Travis Ragsdale

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Freelance 3D artist & motion designer Travis Ragsdale comes to Crypto. com with an NFT Collection. Titled ‘ Blockchain Totems’, it drops on July 7th. Travis has been creating digital art for the past 8 years+. One of his specialties is looping animations that soothe and relax the viewer. The ‘Blockchain Totems’ NFT Collection brings soothing and relaxing motion into the unpredictable world of blockchain technology. “Sit back, relax and enjoy the simple and satisfying motion of these 3 unique loops as they play for eternity. ” – invites Travis Ragsdale. Sounds like a good idea. Mark your calendars for July 7th and check NFTs by Travis Ragsdale!

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