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BitMojis Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

The BitMojis Collection is a collection of 10,000 packs of 5 unique collectible, tradeable and playable, Crypto inspired, emoji style, NFT, character playing cards. Phew, that was a mouthful. Each card represents a different emotion and crypto token. For example, one card will represent a crazy happy mood because you just closed a very profitable leveraged trade in Bitcoin or another card may represent an angry mood because of a huge loss due to not placing a stop loss. The cards are collectible (each series is numbered from 1 – 100) and tradeable like trading cards are in the real world but they are also playable via the BitMojis Online Hub or the BitMojis App. Each NFT card has 6 sets of skill points, much like the Top Trumps card game from the 80’s & 90’s. For example Your card may have a Leverage Trading skill of 40/50 or a Bull Run skill of 25/50. You can play against other BitMojis holders in the Online Hub or on the app with options to play for fun or play for keeps. There are also some very rare NFTs that will win you instant prizes, for example, 5% of the total collection posses a trait that will entitle the minter to an instant refund of their minting payment. There are also rewards for collecting a complete series of 1 – 100 and a lot more. There will also be community games and survivor style competitions with Crypto prizes for the winners. 30% of the total revenue raised from sales will go into the community prize pool. 30% of the total revenue will go to staking in order to keep topping up the prize pool. 25% of the revenue will be reinvested in to further development of collections and infrastructure. At a later date we plan to add additional collections which will all be collectible, tradeable and playable in the same way via the Online Hub or the App. Rarity of card traits is as low as 5/10000 (edited)Imagine, you’re on the train, bored. So you open up the BitMojis Hub and log in to play some of your BitMojis NFTs against another holder. You’re feeling brave today so you decide to play for keeps. Best of all you won and there’s a #46, you needed that to complete your series.

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