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Bit deers

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

We are BIT DEERS, a collection of 4.444 unique Deers for a worthy community on the Solana blockchain. These Deers grant an exclusive access to The Club, a truly metaverse powered by the community. Not your average NFT Collection. Our NFTs are better than Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks because our DEERs will not be static and their usefulness will not be limited to a single platform.BIT DEERS aims to deliver a real application to Deers NFTs. Our plans in the near future are to develop our NFTs into complex and intelligents NFTs. Our intention is to built a metaverse where our community can now adopt a digital democracy to govern, grow, and thrive. Bit Deers mission is about exploring the full decentralized potential of NFTs and metaverses in order to provide a real value to our community holders.Follow us on Twitter and enter our discord and get a Whitelist!

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