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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

1st collection minting on March 31st 2022 with our Bit-Booze Bottle Openers(a way to get guaranteed WL and more giveaway entries) minting by end of February 2022.Bit-Booze is the alcohol provider of the metaverse and a company with a ton of utility planned to bridge web3 and blockchain into the web2 world!80% of our money from mint and royalties goes back to the project which is absurdly high in the NFT space. There is a roadmap full of web3 to web2 use cases giving utility to the holders of Bit-Booze NFTs and ways into a new frontier for alcohol companies and lovers. The community has exploded in just a few weeks and the mint is still a month away. The team is fully doxxed and the project has earned high marks from Rad Rugs, not to mention they have already been executing their roadmap goals and have the skill and passion to continue to deliver.

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