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Big Biz World

NFT Collection

Blockchain: terra

Project Overview

We aim to be a fund that both generates growing passive income and giving back to charity (via Angel protocol) at the same time while having fun and expanding on the narrative of the #bigbizworld universe. Every NFT mint and resale adds on to the Poop-sury (our treasury) and our Poop-sury will be invested to ensure growth (e.g., Anchor Protocol). NFT holders will be rewarded with growing payouts from the Poop-sury/resales and have a say in where we deploy the funds in it. Our end goal is to 1) Expand the Big Biz World Universe (cross-collab) 2) Go cross chain 3) Bring our Poops into the metaverse (e.g., we are connected to game studios) 4) Develop merchandise 5) Become a DAO Our socials are: Website: https://www.bigbizworld.xyz/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigBizWorld Discord: discord.gg/NUVazw8vVa Our roadmap: https://twitter.com/BigBizWorld/status/1483109356472508417

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