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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

A collection of artwork created over many sleepless nights, delusional, frustrated, in love, at times in heartbreak but often just results from my experience in this world as an artist, as a human with fragile emotions, hope, loss, gratitude, and self-expression. It would be a blessing to get my work noticed, to be able to see my work published, bought, and get people to see beyond the long hair, the unshaved face, the tired eyes. It would be great to not have to struggle to continue to create, to pay my bills, to not have to say yes to the man and live only an expression of art, but who am I to decide when and how my work will be seen? How much is my art controlled by those who have the power to say yes? OR is it just fate? I hope you see my work, enjoy it and it is worth getting it featured on your site. Thank you kindly and blessings to you.

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