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Beko Nekoz

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Good $LUCK out there! It is said that Beko Nekoz bring prosperity and luck to their owners with their beckoning paws. Since they are already 3D and voxelized, they will be beckoning luck in the metaverse!Beko Nekoz is a long-term, value oriented project that uses $LUCK, rewarded to Beko Nekoz holders, as an ecosystem utility token. 1 $LUCK = 1 $LUCK By earning $LUCK token in the Beko Nekoz ecosystem, owners can participate in unique social, gaming and metaverse experiences. Including:- The Storefront (Beko Nekoz staking)- Beko Shop – Beko Neko merchandise and physical 1 of 1’s of your Beko Neko!- Sandbox Metaverse experience- Participate in future Beko Nekoz owner exclusive minting- Legendary Nekoz like to wander to where other Nekoz gather!Minting the first week of January. 7777 Nekoz at 0. 07ETH. Join the Discord to find out how to get Whitelisted!

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