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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

A Private Collection of 8480 Bees in PolygonBenefits25% of the money raised will be distributed in 3 organizations around the world focused on the conservation and preservation of25% will go to a Sustainability Fund for (in cryptocurrency) for preservation.20% for the development of DAPPs and that your NFT has dividends over time.30%of the collection for the creatorsWe are big community:Website: https://savethebeesnft.orgTwitter: https://twitter.com/savethebeesnftInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/savethebeesnftorg/Discord: Soon we will inform on twitter, instagram and websitePriceEach type of bee will have different prices to guarantee the profit and the investor’s floor.Queen price 1 – 473 = 0.340 ETHQueen Daughter price 1 – 926 = 0.180 ETHDrone price 1 – 2103 = 0.084 ETHWorker price 1 – 3715 = 0.058 ETHTotal Bees 7217Road mapQ1 2022: Launch web page, social networks and litepaper 30/01/2022Q1 2022: Pre-launch save the Queen (big benefits) On March 21st 2022Q1 2022: Launch save the (great benefits) On March 24th 2022Q2 2022: Delivery Tesla Model 3, to 2 winnersQ2 2022: Selection of the winning foundationsQ3 2022: Delivery of the donation of 25% of the economic benefit to the 3 chosen foundationsQ3 2022: Creation of a private channel for all NFT holders with exclusive information, advances from foundations, online courses and a DAPPSQ4 2022: Assignment of online courses for entrepreneurs in beekeeping and sponsored peopleQ4 2022: Flipping Beta DAPP launchThis is a very complete project and different from Crypto Punk and Bored Ape because you are making a donation to the BEES for life and you are also participating in a DAPP that is going to put money in your pocket in many ways.

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