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Bee Happy

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A Unique NFT Collection of 10.000 Happy Bees in Polygon made by a team of designers (5% Of Sales will go to Help Save the Bees Foundation). We are reaching out to a large community :Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTBeeHappyInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/beehappynft/Discord: https://discord.gg/FgVMnerFjXProtect for investors profit: Each Tier will have different prices to make sure Investor’s Profit & Floor.Prices:Happy Bees from # 1 – 500=0.01Happy Bees from # 501- 2000= 0.025Happy Bees from # 2001- 3000= 0.027Happy Bees from # 3001- 4000= 0.029Happy Bees from # 4001- 6000= 0.039Happy Bees from # 6001- 8000= 0.05Happy Bees from # 8001- 9900= 0.08Happy Bees from # 9900 – 10.000=MarketingRoadmap12/20/2021: Start Creating NFT Models.01/29/2022: Looking for a Charity for destiny % sales.01/30/2022: Set Up Social Medias and WP-OWNERS benefits.02/04/2022: FInish creating the 10.000 NFT models.02/05/2022: Create Collection Landing page on OpenSea02/05/2022: Star Marketing and Giveaways on social media04/01/2022: NFT BeeHappy Start Minting on OpenSeaBee Happy Season 1 is sold out, the proceeds will be sent to Help Save the Bees Foundation. Start season 2 ( holders will have 1 free nft )

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