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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

BeastlyWOW Collection nft. Collectible art of unique and original beasts called beastlyWOW. This nft world features a wide variety of common, epic, and legendary beasts whose vivid colors vary according to their rarities. Enter the awesome world of nft with beastlyWOW and choose your favorite. Sale date February 27, 2022, after its release, thousands of beasts will join BeastlyWOW.This NFT collection will work with the polygon network.beastlyWOW’s first sale will start on February 27 with 50% off its original price, after that thousands of beasts will join the collection at its original price. Are you going to miss it?Below we show you the social networks where you can get information and see more features of our project. Images, news and more curiosities can be found at all times in our community.https://twitter.com/home?lang=eshttps://discord.gg/Jy4WuS5R

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