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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

AboutA public collection of 5,000 unique automatically generated 3D art pieces collected on the Polygon Blockchain.All NFTs are created on the BLENDER Platform. Artist – David Madubuko .StrategySince all NFTs are high quality 3D art we decided to upload them in batches, at first 500 pieces, later there will be more, 1000, 2000 pieces in the drop1. The first drop – 01/08/2022(price 0.005 ETH) number 1-5002. The second drop – 01/09/2022(price 0.02 ETH) number 501-10003. The third drop – TBD(price 0.06 ETH) number 1001-12004. The fourth drop – TBD (price 0.09 ETH) number 1201-14005. The fifth drop -TBD (price 0.1 ETH) number 1401-16006. The sixth drop – TBD(price 0.11 ETH) number 1601-18007. The seventh drop – TBD (price 0.12 ETH) number 1801-20008. The eighth drop – TBD(price 0.13 ETH) number 2001-22009. The ninth drop – TBD (price 0.14 ETH) number 2201-240010. The tenth drop – TBD(price 0.15 ETH) number 2401-2600Special Edition NFTs can drop anytime**Our project is honest, real, with real people, all social networks develop honestly, without cheating bots.*

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