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Beanie Boys

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The troublemakers of the metaverse. Beanie Boys is the first project released by the Siblings Collective.At 50% sell out we will host a 1ETH giveaway!At 100% sell out we will host a 5ETH giveaway!The Siblings Collective is a brother/sister, developer/artist duo that plans on making waves in the NFT space.Only 5,000 Beanie Boys exist, and being a holder of 2 or more will grant you a WL spot for all future Siblings Collective projects!All minters of the Beanie Boys will get a never before seen preview of the upcoming projects from the SIblings.10% of all proceeds will go into a community fund for Holder exclusive Discord events (more tba as the project develops).

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