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Back to the Roots by VR ARTISAN

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On May 11th, Gastón Carballal aka VR ARTISAN is dropping ‘Back to the Roots’ NFT collection on Crypto. com. Gastón studied arts with a set design orientation. One day he wondered whether it would be possible to merge traditional and digital art. The result he came to was Virtual Reality Painting that became Gastón’s secret tool. Being also a set designer and professor of art history, VR ARTISAN hides a tribute to great masters of art and sculpture in each artwork. ‘Back to the Roots’ NFT collection features three poems with three stories “that begin and still do not end because art always leaves more questions than answers”. Each NFT is obviously painted in virtual reality. Add the drop to your calendar! It’s gonna be great!

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