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Ayahuasca Art | Wave 1

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Ayahuasca Art is a web3 social platform that aims to fill the missing visibility gap for artists and creators. For collectors, our goal is to build a social network to showcase all your favorite collectibles in a single place.The following core principles will guide us through this journey:PersonalizationYour web3 identity shouldnt be constrained by a specific wallet or blockchain. We strongly believe the future is multi-chain, which means our platform will support a broader ecosystem. Were kicking off this vision with Solana, but we have plans to expand the support for other chains like ETH and Tezos.DiscoverabilityGiven the fragmented experience of finding artists in the NFT space, we want to be the starting point to discover up-and-coming creators, connect with other collectors, and find fellow artists. Our platform will work as a medium for building these relationships while enjoying inspiring content.AuthenticityWe want you to enjoy Ayahuasca Art without having ads or dark patterns. So were creating a distraction-free platform focused on one thing — Art. An authentic NFT sharing community for artists, collectors, and art lovers. All the social features youd expect with none of the dark patterns driving engagement.Follow us on Twitter and Discord to stay up-to-date.

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