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Aura of the Stone

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

A collection of gems and minerals from a deep , haunted place on the side of the Ursus River – the Forgotten Mines! 900 cards and 50 individual stones with different auras!Their properties will be : Value in Gold Coins(10k gold coin NFTs will be airdropped) , Type – Mineral or Gem, Aura – I to III and Rarity – Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary! Every week after the initial whitelist sale I’ll put up for grabs 10 packs that you can buy. Minting will then start at the end of the week through an unorthodox approach! On Sundays , the day the caravel brings you new treasures, I’ll host a livestream on Discord in which we’ll run a random number generator for your bought packs! Each pack will contain 3 random cards! Whitelisting will commence on 21st , and will last 2 weeks! Every day there will be a raffle held between people that meet the necessary requirements! That is: • Be level 7 or above in the Discord Chat! • Create and mint at least 1 NFT art made in Canva! (DM me for help if you need any!) • Take active part in chatting in the Discord and Social Media interactionhttps://discord.com/invite/2fsXPFqhBr As I said there will be only a limited amount of spots raffled 1 each day of the whitelist run! So in total – 14 spots! These spots allow you to buy up to 2 packs at half the price of a normal buy! That would be 10 bucks if you’re on Whitelist!

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