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Audio Experience Colors: White edition ⚪

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Don’t expect here an impressive visual, but instead, you’ll have a unique audio experience. Why white is white? Why white is not blue? White could be of a different color if we gave free rein to our feelings, our emotions. Emotions cannot be taught, emotions cannot be faked. Emotions are your truth. Music is emotional and a way to express yourself. Music says a lot about who you are. Its vibrations resonate with the body, allowing it to rise to a higher stage of consciousness. It frees you from everything that has been taught to us and allows us to dream without boundaries, without any corruption of the spirit. So what white means? White means purity, virginity, it specifies notions of innocence, clarity, perfection, precision, integrity, and divinity. So rather than seeing the color, this experience allows you to feel it through music. Now you understand the idea, just press play, close your eyes, and feel the white color ⚪

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