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Auction – Paint FAR OFF GALAXY – Santiago Picatoste

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Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Comic Abstraction >> Image – Breaking, Image – Making. This year 2021, full of emotions, experiences, overcoming another world crisis, is the one chosen by the artist to launch exclusively his new series based on all those concepts, sketches, and personal annotations of the artist. Thus, the viewer is going to find a new reading about a more expressionist plastic celebration, with a very strong alchemical component thanks among other practices, to the use of polyvinyl acetate as a binder for its pigment. This binder is manufactured in Madrid and is derived from recycled plastics in the oceans. Picatoste’s painting encompasses a dynamic feeling and acts as a catalyst for his own life experience. Oriented towards a hybrid abstraction, between the hyper aesthetic and American Pop Art.

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