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Arvevra City – Creating City of Creative Innovators in the Game

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

ARVEVRA is a society of creative innovators who are leading their time, in the Metaverse they created ARVEVRA City with a population of 100 000, where the boldest ideas and development are embodied, where everyone can manifest themselves and gain recognition and respect!We create a game ARVEVRA CITY, where it is possible to embody the latest technological breakthroughs that will give citizens of the ability to overcome physical limitations and develop the city to the scale of the Universe!We collected photos from the portfolio of each citizen of the ARVEVRA City in NFT format so that you can join. Owning NFT ARVEVRA You become a unique member of the Society of Original People, get access to the advantages that are given to residents of the city, the opportunity to influence urban life and embody their projects!

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