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Artefacts by Stina Jones

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Artist and designer Stina Jones releases her debut NFT Collection on Nifty Gateway. Titled ‘Artefacts’, it drops on June 14th. Stina’s aesthetic is vivid colours, clean lines, and endearing creatures and characters. Each artwork is aimed at evoking complex emotions: from anxiety to melancholy, from bewilderment to serenity, from tenderness and joy. Stina introduces new characters within the upcoming NFT Collection. The Radix, The Schematic, The Oracle are the precious artefacts dropping on June 14th. The Schematic will be available at Drawing, The Radix – at Auction, and The Oracle drops as a 5-minute Open Edition. Each piece is incredible. Welcome to Stina’s magical universe on June 14th!Monday on @NiftyGateway pic. twitter. com/uUV27MBssW— Stina Jones (@stina_jones) June 12, 2021

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