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Antipode by Zedd x Fvckrender x Sillygabe

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

A famous DJ, record producer, winner of the 2014 Grammy Music Award, and songwriter Zedd, a self-taught 3D artist Fvckrender, and motion graphics designer and audiovisual producer Sillygabe have teamed up for a joint NFT drop. On April 6, they are dropping the ‘Antipode’ NFT collection of artworks on Nifty Gateway. There will be 6 original pieces of music and art in the collection. “ANTIPODE means “the direct opposite to something” and the idea was for both pieces to live in the same universe but to be directly opposing” – writes Zedd about the collection on his Instagram account. “The collaborative process behind these pieces was my favorite part of this project. The audio and visuals completely inform each other, when one of us would finish a new version, the other would take another pass and add more elements to better link the sensory experience. So many unique sounds and visual representations were created by this back and forth exchange. Endorphins were on high the whole time, one of the most fun and satisfying collaborative experiences I’ve ever been a part of!!!!” – shares Gabe Damast aka Sillygabe. “Proud to announce this amazing show collaboration with my boys. This is gonna be transcending!” – adds Fvckrender. All three creators are incredibly talented in their areas, therefore, it’s gonna be a high-profile release! Mark your calendars for April 6!

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