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Animal Kingdom

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Release 1 will be 7222 pandas with 10% discount to our merch store at 50% mint we release our P2E game.Release 2 will be 10000 apes with 20% discount to our merch store stackable on the pandas and current sales.Release 3 will be 2722 goats with 5-10% commissions from our merch store. Start community dao @ 50% mintRelease 4 will be 250 Zerum bots worth + 5% to every nft you hold. (discount or commission)Giveaways will be $500,000 in eth to the Ani Fam Community.Dao wallet will receive 25% of merch store earnings and allocate back to the community in a way the Ani Fam decides as a whole.Join our discord for more information and to join our Ani Fam.

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