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Animal Gang Project

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Animal Gang is a project that allows you to play the most entertaining fantasy/strategy game withthe NFTs you have invested in and making money while having fun at the same time.The Gang consists of 9,999 unique gang member NFTs.The projects main target is not only to give people an exciting strategical game experience,but also a play-to-earn possibility. The game is powered by blockchain technologywhich is the technology of our time.After The Gang NFTs launch, the future players will be able to buy them and start to power their armies.Also, in-game item purchases will make your humanoid animals even more powerful and will turn them more valuable NFTs.The battles you win strengthens your characters involved. After establishing your gang, you will go to a war againt rival gangs atyour own level by demanding battle, and you will get stronger and bigger as you win. Thus, the high-level NFT cards you have inyour hand will also become more valuable.Mint Date: March 14th 2022Mint Price: 0.49 SOL

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