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AnimakeNFT Collection

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

I am Mauricio N. Santos, and I’m formed in fine arts in Brazil. As a motion-designer freelancer, I learned to grow my network to produce a range of projects, from illustration, digital painting, motion design, to 3d animation. Work with CG since 1994, today I’m working as a project manager and XR producer. Animating things is so intriguing, cause it’s a matter of making them challenging space, matter, and time inside a box of human imagination. So, creating new environments and characters is my goal, to navigate through the edge of imagination. Organic forms, metallic experiences, all with realism that 3D can give, but in contrast with the absurdity of impossible forms, or not so impossible, to bring a sort of sensations to the audience. Sound is important too. So I’m launching a collection of 3D animations, like NFT, some of them made in 2013, to bring the opportunity to be seen. 2 artworks are up for auction.

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